Day 2 -14


Exercises and Activities

  • Passive knee extensions ( with ice) and heel on block

      Gastronemius stretch with towel

    • Quadriceps - static sets with patient long sitting and towel under heel.

    • Electrical muscle stimulation with knee fully extended in long sitting with towel under heel.

    • Isometrics - multi range 90-60* ( not beyond 60*) use theraband or opposite leg.

    • Quad set , standing against wall, pushing back extended knee into rolled towel, progress to straight leg raising to 30* in standing.

    • Wall slide to increase flexion, ice on knee

    • Passive flexion over edge of bed

    • Patellar mobilizations if needed

    • Hip adductors/abductors strengthening as tolerated

    • Hamstrings - active progress to resisted ( Don't do if hamstring reconstruction )

    • Heel raises

    • Proprioceptive exercises - standing on surgical leg, progress to stork lifting free leg in front and behind


    • Obtain full extension / hyperextension

    • Minimize swelling

    • Allow wound healing

    • Maintain active quads control

    • Achieve 90* of flexion